Let's suppose this all happened as written:

Cipísek Case (looking for final justice)
Who of us is a fucking moron?

How did it all start? I found this guy on www.oipunk.net and asked for some advice. I sent him some of my thoughts about Orwell 1984 in modern society. Later on, I sent some materials about an american author, who is about to prove, that bible is a cheat (which made me angry, but nothing of mine was included in that letter). I also sent something by Angelic Upstarts (that counts: "I wont pay for liberty, I think it should be free") and some by Alternative ("if they treat you like shit, act like manure" that is). The response was simple - after first email (that was about Orwell 1984 and lyrics by Angelic Upstarts and Alternative he asked me if I could stop sending him CRAP. When I asked him why he thinks it's crap, he told me THINKS that it's crap WITHOUT READING IT. This came like a kind of magic to me... And one main problem was, that the administrator of website called oipunk.net calls Angelic Upstarts and Alternative crap (well, he did not know that it was by Alternative and A.U. I bet that if he knew it, he would not have treated me like shit. Some people most obviously like music because it says something and some listen to it because somebody else does listen to it). After I sent him materials about that Bible, he got so angry that he threatened that he would write a letter to the administrator of email service if I dont stop it imediatelly. This made me completely angry and I published this dialogue to his forum. What was the result? Everyone on that site defended him that im just much offensive. I asked them whether he is a poser when he says that he hates something that he actually likes (if being told that he likes it). 16 said: NO; 1 said YES (that was me). It all continued by banning my account from that site (because he is an administrator). Everytime I tried to create a new account and had a comment for anything inside that forum, i got banned again... So I went to web of Zona A for gaining final justice! I told them everything and thei said that I should not limit anyone... only one who limited was admin, who deleted my messages when I tried to defend myself using racional arguments against him,... Cipisek started using lies for his defense (telling that there is no information about Zona A being accused of playing on somebody from Juden Mord's marriage-I said it was there and he said that it was not thought it was. And he also started defending himself angainst things that I never said about him (in trust that people will believe that crap, which happened) and accusing me of being: idiot, moron, poor bastard. It all ended when administrator told me that as punk, I should follow some protocol (I said that it is an oxymoron and got banned imediatelly). Then my friend told me that i am a poor bastard for not following certain protocol (she considers herself a punk) and left me.

This is my story. I ask you- give yourself an answer- would you defend your friend always? Which do you like better-truth or your friends? Would you break rules of your friends enemy? Only because HE doesnt like him. Would You tell a lie in your defense? would you say about something which you never read that it's crap? Would you, as a friend, say that you know a person for long enough or would you judge a current issue? And who is a bloody moron? Me or him?